3 hidden gems of Chandni Chowk, Delhi for Foodies

Meerut Wale

Meerut Wale Chandni ChowkThe crisp autumn days have turned into mild winters. Moreover, the human body demands to grease at this time. The Meerut wale in Chandni Chowk prepares the fabulous Desi ghee Patti, gachak, rewariyan, which provides nourishment for the body and also gives pleasure to the tongue. It is considered a must to eat these patties in winters because they help the body in developing strength to keep away the adverse effects of winters.

Undoubtedly, gathering with friends and walking along the streets of ChandniChowk, talking about the old days while gazing and feeling the reminiscences gives the ultimate pleasure. But once you are in this shop, you will forget the entire scenario and just concentrate on the sweet delicacies of this shop.

Grab a piece of Patti and relish the amazing taste of Desi ghee, which is less found these days. The rewariyan are prepared by drying “til” and jaggery or gur. It’s a perfect blend of sweetness and paleness, which arouses the desire to have more and more of the pieces. Gachak is yet another product prepared of til and gur. Though its technique is different, therefore, it gives another flavor to the tongue.


Tikki Wala (no sign board)

Tikki street food chandni chowkTikki Wala Yummy, hot and spicy chat is awaiting your arrival. All the lovers of Aloo tikki, jump into the world of delicacy and enjoy the delicious eatable at Chandni Chowk. It is a small place where 2-3 people can stand and relish the lip smacking snack. Winters have arrived and your tongue is demanding hot and tasty food. So, don’t miss your chance to grab one of the delicacies of North India “Tikki” at Chandni Chowk.

You will get crisp tikkis with two bread slices, which makes it all the more filling and yum. It is going to touch not only your palette and heart, but your pocket also. The crispy chat, with tasty chutneys over it and two bread slices with it are available in just 25 rupees ONLY. Wow, now that is called as jaw-dropping news. Kick out your tensions and stress of workplace or home, get along with your buddies and just drop at this location of the bazaar. This Tikki Wala has his stall in the lane at Katra Neel, near police station booth, chandnichowk, Delhi-6.




Padam Chat Corner

Chat street food chandni chowkWhy most of us wait for a weekend to taste the spicy chat at most popular chat corners of the city? Let’s have what we wish to have today. The Padam chat corner serves one of the best chat in the city and its chat actually tempts you to come again and again. You can reach this chat corner easily as it is located in the main area of Chandni Chowk.

Its exact location is “burfi wali Gali, kinari bazaar, Chandni Chowk.” Easily accessible, the stall is small, which runs at the corner of the lane, serves the Indian delicacies like the spicy and tempting papri chat, Bhalla chat and the favorite of all “Golgappas.”

Chat is one thing that nobody can miss out. It has a fabulous taste, spice that actually does not hurt you, but tempts you to eat more of it and a sweet and sour amalgamated taste that leaves you stunned for some moments.

The street food in India may create chaos for some people, but shops like Padam chat corner will win everybody’s hearts with their hygienic work and delicious food items. It is located at the corner and it covers a small area. People can stand around the shop and relish the tasty eatable. Even reading this would make you go over there and have the chat.
Gather your gang and drop at the most amazing street food corner of Chandni Chowk. Most of you would have enjoyed such chats at nearby places. But travelling to such place where you will enjoy the most is worth. The papri and the dahi bhallas are prepared by fine curd and tangy chutneys, which are the essence of the chat. Chandni Chowk is a lively area and such delicacies add to its traditional glory.


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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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