Best Delhi NCR desserts of 2016 by Bhooka Saand

One cannot get up from the dining table until one experience the happiest moment of dining. Dessert is the delight of life. Let’s have a look at the top three desserts .They were selected as the top three desserts of 2016 from 100+ places of visit in 2016.

The Chocolate Bomb at  The California Boulevard

The bombshell of chocolate is like a ball of chocolate, which consists of either a velvet cake or vanilla dessert or the chocolate filling inside. As soon as the Nutella sauce is poured on it, the chocolate shell breaks open and the relishing flavor comes out.


Tortar Royale at Spago

Tortar Royale is the next delicious Italian dessert. It is prepared with white chocolate and mascarpone cake. This dessert is served hot and fills your mouth with a dreamy taste that you never had before.

Spago, Italian Restaurant, New Delhi


Coriander Passion at Dezertfox

Coriander Passion Curd Tart is a marvelous novel dessert prepared by coriander gel, meringue crisps, sprinkled coconut dust and basil cream. it’s an amalgamation of fruits and curd topped with coriander, gives a new taste to the palate.

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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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