This Superman drink is perfect for pre and post workout

Fresh juice for gym workoutAccording to research, fruits and vegetables having complex carbohydrates provides type of glucose which converts in to energy. Drinking carrot & beetroot juice prior to workout may help improve your stamina and endurance. Beetroot when combine with carrot, spinach, ginger and Amla makes a desi ‘Superman drink’. This superman drink not only help in your workout but also help in reducing cancer risk, detoxification, better immunity, aid digestion and enhance weight loss. This superman drink is good to have alleviating effects on DOMS. DOMS is Delayed onsite muscle soreness is the condition where muscles gets sore and stiff after high intensity activity. This drink can be take as post workout, will also help in speeding up the recovery process after heavy workout.


Drink recipe:

Put 5 carrots, 1-2 beetroot, Small piece of ginger, 5 Amla, some spinach in juicer. Juice it and add some chat masala if wanna add some tangy taste. Drink is ready.

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Author: Bhooka Saand

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