Dezertfox in GK1, New Delhi is heaven for dessert lovers

Yummy dreams of desserts are not ending? The Dezertfox is the place where one can get satiated by the desserts. It is a small endeavour located in GK1, where French desserts are prepared , adopted in the Indian version. They are a perfect blend of the two different cultures, but such eatables encourage the people of a country to try dishes of another country with complete acceptance. This culturally sweet place would attract anyone with its sweet fragrance spread across the area.

Nobody wants to leave the sweets, especially when they give very tempting and beautiful feel. There are few sweets and desserts to name here, one of those being “Pink finger éclair.” The taste of the chocolate éclair people used to have will rise once again on the taste buds. This éclair is a marvel combination of strawberry and rose flavour. These flavours are sufficient for anybody to satiate the hunger for sweet. It feels like heaven. For more heavenly feeling, one can get relish this sweet called Season’s best Philadelphia. It is a chocolate sponge cake, flourless and contains Philadelphia citrus cheesecake on its top. Those who love cheesecakes have this delicious bite of chocolate and cheese.

Innovations and creativity have no dearth. The Dezertfox is a place where innovations become mouth watering reality. For the lovers of chocolate, there are plenty of desserts like chocolate sin new edition and Dark and White Mille Fuille. The former one is a sweet made up as a shell of chocolate covered with crepe and whipped chocolate, while the latter one is the delicious blend of white and dark chocolate served with rose petals.

All the moments when compared, the best are the ones when we enjoy the tastiest desserts and sweets. You bet it!



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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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