Dinner buffet at Global food factory, Rajouri Garden – Review

Located just 1-2 building next to renowned ice cream parlour  Giannis, Global food factory at Rajouri Garden was on my wish list from many months. I have visited this restaurant before but due to long waiting every time, I have dropped the plan.

I have heard very good reviews from my friends in the past so decided to go with buffet instead of à la carte.

It was a Wednesday night and I have got the table for 2 easily. On weekends, I would suggest to reserve your table in advance. Twice in the past I didn’t got the table.

My height is 5’8 but don’t know i felt bit uncomfortable with the height of table. I sat on the corner seat at the  restaurant entrance having very comfortable sofa setup.

The things I didn’t liked:

* Paper tissues – Restaurant is using very low quality tissues. Photo is attached. This is something they should look into. The quality of issues was like the road side street food vendors uses. When we come to good ambiance restaurants and paying good amount of money, we customers expects good quality.

*Shoe like drinks jar/mug – Photo is attached. No doubt this looks very cool but it not serves the purpose correctly. If you try to pour drink, drink will droped down on the table due to poor shape at the top of the jar. We 3 people have tried to pour including restaurant staff but all of them didn’t got the success.

*Service – Service was bit slow for hard drinks.


When it comes to food, I not missed the single veg and non-veg snacks and tried almost all snacks mentioned on the menu.

*Wooden Fired Chicken pizza – This was cooked perfectly fine. Tastes really well. In other words, better than dominos and pizza hut.


*Fish Tikka – Simply loved it. Fish pieces was very very soft.

*Chicken Malai Tikka – Loved it. Size of tikka was good. Very soft, juicy and cooked perfectly.

*Mutton Burra -This was with bone. I didn’t liked the taste whereas mutton was cooked well and champ was very juicy.

*Tandoori Chicken – This was with bone. Marination was almost like mutton barra. Chicken pieces was not so soft. I didn’t liked it.

*Chilly Chicken – I liked it. Boneless chicken pieces cooked to perfection.

*Paneer Achari Tikka – I liked it. Paneer was very soft, bit spicy and taste good.

*Bharwa Golgappa – Nothing special to share about this. Taste was good.

*Chinese Bhelpuri – Spicy stuff. Gives nice flavor  on tongue. Fried noodles with tomato sauce and onion mixed.

*Mushroom puff – No comments. I didn’t liked this snack at all. It tastes really bad.

*Veg kebab – It tastes average. Nothing special.

*Pineapple Pita – I liked it. Combination of fruits and some very well cooked corn tikki.

*Veg salt and pepper – Didn’t liked it much. Potatoe pieces was very hard.

*Grilled Chicken Peri Peri – I didn’t liked it. For me it was taste less.

Main Course

Now comes to the main course. I have tried butter chicken, chicken sukha, mutton curry, dal makhani, channa masala, grilled fish, kadi pakora, matar rice, veg Biryani in khullar, lachha parantha and butter naan. Except for butter chicken and grilled fish, all other main course dishes was taste less. Lachha parantha was cooked perfect. Butter naan was hopeless. Naan was more like a maida roti rather a naan.


When it comes to desserts, I have tried following Suji ka halwa, kheer, bomb alaska, caramel custard, strawberry cream and brownie. I really liked hot kheer. Honestly speaking this was the best kheer i ever had in a restaurant.  Other than kheer I liked bomb alaska. Bomb alaska is something like a combination of cake, fruits and vanila ice cream. Rest of the dessert items was average.


Global food factory offers buffets for hard drinks as well. You will find buffet offers on their drinks menu but i really liked the buffet concept for drinks. If you drinks alot then pocket friendly buffet is for you. I found beer prices at higher side as compare to other restaurant in same place.


Pocket friendly Price

In just Rs 1600/- you can have unlimited food and hard drinks.

Overall a nice place to spend good time with your family and friends. Serves snacks really good whereas main course is just below average and have great scope of improvement.


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Author: Bhooka Saand

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