Love Chocolate? Love Pizza? Dominos India has good news for you

Dominos Chocó Pizza

The pizza party is over? If you are too close it, wait for a moment. You still have not grabbed the tastiest and delicately sweetened pizza. Dominos introduces the delicious and mouth watering Chocó Pizza, that no one wants to leave. It really tastes awesome and it’s sure that more than 70% of the people of the Earth are chocolate lovers. Nothing can make them as happy as the new revelation of the tempting dish that too on the favourite of all times Pizza.

Dominos Choco Pizza

Having fun eating the pizzas will be increased more by this new experiment. The Chocó pizza consists of a blend of cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, Chocó fudge sauce and nougatine. All this is set on the pizza base and more chocolate sauces and topping of Chocolate is applied over it. It tastes yummy and smells so good, that you can’t miss on a lovely treat of chocolate bites of Chocó pizza. Grab the delicacy prepared by the Dominos especially for YOU.

Customers are the real beneficiaries of any innovation and successful experiment; Dominos makes sure that this rate of the benefit goes high for the customers. For the vegetarians, there is no worry, as the cake is totally vegetarian.

Relish the essence of happiness with chocolate and Chocó pizza.

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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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