The Dosa Outlet that Serves 131 Variety of Dosa

Can anyone imagine how any IT professional can switch to the food sector ? To get full clarification, do visit the Dosa Express, which is located near the tank road market. Though it is a very small shop like outlet and just some tables are lying outside the outlet, but here we had one of the “yummiest” treats. The wondrous thing about is that this small outlet offers not just 10 or 20 or 50 types of dosas, rather it serves exactly 131 variety of dosas.

GolMaal Dosa

This outlet was opened up by Mr Chaudhary , who is an IT professional and worked with HP computers. His passion for food and cooking took him to Mumbai where he learnt preparation of varieties of dosas. Thereafter he switched to Delhi with his new outlet of dosas.

There are delicious categories under which the delicacies are served –like- Uttappam , Jain Dosa and Uttappam (without onion and garlic), Sada dosa, Masala dosa and Special Dosa. There is yet another category which is very interesting, sweet and crunchy, which is the Fruit Dosa. This nice eatery was discovered by my friend who was eating chicken at a nearby dhaba. There he saw a signboard indicating to this outlet of Dosa. We had 3 dosas, out of which Golmaal Dosa and Chilli Paneer Dosa became our favorites.

M Dosa Express, Karol Bagh


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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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