‘Entourage’ the newly launched lounge in Defense Colony, New Delhi

I have got a chance to visit this newly launched Lounge in main market of Defense Colony, New Delhi. Theme of the Lounge is on popular english TV shows. Theme will give you a feel that you landed in a hollywood movie show. I really liked the theme. During this visit, i have got opportunity to speak with the Owner/Director of this Lounge, RAJ. While interacting with him, got to know that he has played role in each and every department of this Lounge from glasses to dishes to wall decor to everything. He is a young guy, seen him interacting with customers and making sure that they are happy with service and food. This is something that stand out this lounge from others where owner himself taking care of guests.


This property having 3 floors + terrace and whole building belongs to Raj. First floor is a family restaurant named Aurum. Ground, second and terrace is part of Entourage Lounge. Terrace can be used for private parties and have space for around 15-20 guests.


Each and every mocktail/cocktail in this lounge is inspired from some TV show character and i have tried following:

Samantha Jone’s sex on the beach: Beautifully presented. Taste was good.

The Pablo Escobar Mojito: Beautifully presented in a bullet looking glass. Taste was good.

Jesse Pinkman’s blue lagoon: Typical blue lagoon drink presented really well with smoke.

Bloody Mary: Served beautifully with knife. It was having some tomato flavor and didn’t liked much.

The Zombie: This i liked the most. Served very beautifully in a red LED lighted glass.


Thai Corn Puchka: This is actually a Golgappa shots. This was average.

German Salad with smoked chicken: This is a normal salad with some sugar. I didn’t liked this much.

Shrimps and bacon rolls: I really liked the way it was served. It comes with a barbecue sauce and bit sweet in taste.

Chaat Pizza: This is a VEG stuff. It was looking very tempting but i didn’t liked it much because it tasted sweet a lot. It was actually bhujia and tomato sauce on a thin crust pizza.

Lemon Grass Chicken Skewers: I really liked this. Beautifully presented chicken pieces with sticks, onion and capsicums.

Parmesan Veg Galouti Rolls: Ahaa…this i really liked it. Very soft and melted in my mouth quickly. This dish have scope to be presented better.

Murg Malai Pita: Soft bread with soft malai tikka and goes really very good with green chatni.

Chicken Risotto: Perfectly cooked and beautifully presented on large serving plate.

Fish steak on leek compot:  Perfectly cooked fish with mashed potatoes and beautifully presented on large plate.

Asian Fritters: I liked it. This was basically corn cheese cutlets deep fried.

Fish Olivette: Loved it. Served beautifully with sticks and had olive in the center.


‘East and west” Loved it. This is actually seviyan served with chocolate sauce and served beautifully in small shots glasses.


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Author: Bhooka Saand

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