Farzi Cafe, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon – Review

Farzi Cafe in Gurgaon keeps its customers happy as every dish is prepared with innovatively. There are all the regular items that we usually taste at many parties, functions and at different restaurants. But to give the dishes some newness with the purpose of touching people’s hearts, is not followed everywhere. Farzi Café is appropriately utilizing their innovative skills to work upon some normal dishes and convert them into new and different dishes. The experiments of the Farzi Café with the dishes like DaalChawal and MishtiDohi are bringing them lot of appreciation from those customers who have eaten at that restaurant.

Some specialties which are popular in both India and abroad are served with new style. The servers make neat and clean and A1 presentations, which entice the customers to eat the food. Everything is taken care at this restaurant, from exact proportion of spices to be used to presenting the dishes in new manner and with accurate measures. These little things make a lot of difference for exhilarating oneself in the market and also you keep a record of getting people’s appreciation. The testing time comes when both non-vegetarian eaters and vegetarians sit for the meals. This café has ruled the hearts of both the sections of customers – vegetarian as well as non –veg. To have a good time with family and friends and savor the tastes of life, it’s a must to visit this eatery in Gurgaon.



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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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