Good news for Dominos pizza lovers

Dear party lovers!

Do not feel bad if you have not got the chance to sponsor a party last time. With a new offer from Dominos, your party will get an all new exciting turn. The delicious pizza should be perfectly stuffed and perfectly baked. Many times we hear from our near and the dear ones that don’t think about price when you want to taste and have the best in food. but for the first time we will actualize this thing. Thanks to the good from Dominos Pizza.

dominos pizza in Rs. 199

The Dominos Pizza has come up with a wonderful offer for you guys. Life does not stop showing its different ways, and so is same with the Dominos Pizza. If you buy any two medium sized pizzas for INR 295, you will get them for exactly INR 199 each.

The blushing sauce will grow tastier and the hot-hot jalapeno will cling to your teeth until you grind it beneath your hungry teeth. Now there is no need to think about the price and then buy your favorite food. Just log on to the website of Dominos, go through the menu and order your pizza. By the way, pick away straight from the Dominos is also not a bad idea. Whatever be the way, pizza is going to make your day. Enjoy!

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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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