Lights Camera Action – Air Bar, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

The very name “food” brings a smile on the faces of many people, how happy they will be when they will visit this amazing restaurant. Imagine the types of different scenes being depicted on everywhere in a restaurant, that too on the terrace, how lovely and exciting would it be to have a nice dinner or lunch at such a place with your near and dear ones. The Lights Camera Action (LCA) Air Bar located at Rajouri Garden have a marvelous ambiance, with all the Bollywood themed seating arrangement and food.

The walls of the restaurant talk a lot about Bollywood presenting the dialogues from the films and the posters of the actors and actresses. But the terrace seating is distinctive as well as a soothing experience for the winter afternoons. The beauty of the sky and the view of the whole area from the terrace is noted less than a surprise for the visitors for the first time. Though the posters on the terrace are not visible, but the aura of the place creates harmony, which makes the food even more interesting.

Coming to the dishes, the restaurant had made sure to entertain their guests with the dose of films fully. The dishes are named in a filmy manner and even the titles of some popular dialogues have been used.  Drinks are awesome with varieties of flavors, like the Phalsa Martini, Red Wine Sangria. Dishes like the dal and paneer are really delicious and they act as a good medicine for your belly which requires some yummy delicacy.

Food & Drinks i liked here:

  • Phalsa Martini
  • Royal Cosmopolitan
  • Praan jaye par paneer na jaye (paneer tikka)
  • Pyar tune Quesadilla
  • Chicken-e-chameli (chicken tikka)
  • Lick me like a lolipop
  • Sallu Bhai ki Biryani



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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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