Maharaja Powerclick Indigo Mixer Grinder: A King with a unique style

These days, multitasking is essential since it enables you to do distinctive occupations making you more flexible and all around required. Beside this, it abbreviates the time expected to set up a dish, giving you greater quality time with your family.

Maharaha Mixer Grinder

Which mixer grinder to purchase?

This is the question that frequently comes up among stall people. Most home cooks/ladies look for the best mixer grinder. They need their next mixer grinder to be superior to anything what they as of now have.

The Maharaja Whiteline’s Mixer Grinder is an amazing product that I have tried and tested time and again. It has an extensive variety of items in this class is made with the most recent advances and stacked with a few highlights. These incorporate numerous containers for various kinds of crushing, for example, dry, wet, chutney etc. These likewise accompany non-slip feet or base with the goal that the machine does not slide when running at top speed.


This little estimated kitchen machine has figured out how to make its essence made with its adaptability. It won’t simply enable you to make your most loved flavors at home, however can likewise enable you to appreciate maharaja mixer grinder. Maharaja whiteline, It is easy to use, well-finished and accomplishes cooking tasks in a jiffy. With a stylish body, the grinder can adorn your kitchen and even boast of a good functionality.

This is one of the great mixer grinder from the Maharaja WhitelineCompany called Powerclick Indigo. It has become part and parcel of nearly most of the housewives now, particularly MINE! This is the best choice among mixer grinders. The style and the outline is great and it is especially durable. At last I can say that this is the best of all mixer grinders.

If I had to put my thoughts in a nutshell, I would say it is the perfect blend of contemporary design, durability and amazing machinery.

Here ‘s what I tried on Maharaja WhitelinePowerclick Indigo is DAHI VADA- because for Vada batter it is difficult to get the fine consistency from a normal mixer grinder.

Check out the recipe

1 cup soaked Urad dal, oil, roasted cumin seeds, chopped coriander, kali mirch, kala namak, Chaat Masala, Dahi and Salt.

First is the difficult part to make the perfect smooth batter for Vada, put the soaked Urad dal in the mixer grinder and grind it until there is no granules in the paste. And I am surprised to see the performance by the Powerclick Indigo the paste was so fine. Once you have your batter, heat the oil to fry the vadas, shape the vada and fry it in the hot oil to a golden brown over medium heat. Lift out of the oil and put into a pan of salted water. Once this is done – Mix the salt, 1 tsp of the cumin, 1 Tbsp of the coriander leaves and black pepper into the yogurt. Squeeze out the fried bhallas and arrange them on a serving dish. Cover it with yogurt garnish with the rest of the cumin, coriander leaves, chilli powder, kala namak and chaat masala.

Maharaja Mixer Grinder

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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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