Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra is all about experiencing Indian flavours

Masala Library, Janpath, New Delhi

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra located just next to LeMeridian Hotel in Janpath, New Delhi. Those who don’t know who is Jiggs Kalra (J. Inder Singh Kalra), check out his attached Doordarshan time photo for the reference. He authored 11 books and among the book is “Parshad” considered as the bible for chefs today. Jiggs was the first Asian to be inducted in International Food and Beverages Gourmet Hall of Fame. This great information is good enough for any foodie to try Masala Library.

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra


5 star property, rich and nicely done. Beautiful lawn on entrance. As you enter, there is a huge liquor stand. I went on Oct 2nd so the liquor stand was kept empty on dry day. From outside property looks huge but when you enter, you will find space for around 40 guests only. They also have private dining space which can accommodate around 10 guests.

Masala Library


Service was prompt. Staff was very well dressed having perfect communication skills. They are well aware about each dish served on our table and explained things very well.


There are 2 options available, 1st is Ala carte and 2nd is Chef menu. Masala Library offers chef tasting menu in both veg and non-veg that can be paired with wine. Chef menu has total 19 items which includes starters, soup, main course and desserts. I went during Navratras so i opted for Veg Chef Menu. If you have got bored with same regular restaurant meals then Chef special menu is something to try. Cost is just Rs.2300/- only.

Amuse Bouche – Shots made up of mango pulp and coconut milk served beautifully in small egg shaped ceramic utensil and bird nest. I liked it.

masala library shots

Vada with Rasam – Full of south india flavours, small vada served with rasam. First to have vada and need to drink vada immediately after it.

masala library starters

Deconstruction of Samosa – Beautifully served and taste was like filling samosa.

masala library starter samosa

Charcoal Bhajia – Bhajia having aroma of charcoal smoke served with forcep. I didn’t liked the taste. It was like rancid.

bhajia charcoal masala library

Mango Pirada Cheese – Combination of cheese and rambutan fruit in a rambutan shell with mango-flavored vinegar.

mango pirada cheese

Nadir Churma – Lotus stem from Kashmir served with chutney made of walnuts.

masala library starter


Farmers Staple – Aloo pyaj paranthi made of bajra served with while butter.

farmers staples masala library

Mushroom Tea – I simply loved this tea. This tea was having dehydrated mushrooms.

mushroom chai masala library

Pesto Kebab – Green coloured veg kebab with basil, cahews, nuts and pepper and served with tomato foam and topped with parmesan crisp.



Roasted Turoi – First time in my life i had turai and this was made perfect.

turmai masala library

Sweet potato kebab cheese – Cheesy veg kebab with foam at the top.

masala library starters veg

Cranberry Sorbet – Before the mains, served a sorbet in tubes. The taste was like kala khatta chuski served beautifully.


Saag with Gatta – Punjabi sarso ka saag was served with small pieces of gatta from Rajasthan. Gatta and saag was complementing each other very well.


Indian Meal – Palak, makhani and korma gravey was served with small lacha parantha and Tibetan roti Tingmo.


Jalebi Cavier – In dessert, we started with such a fabulous looking Jalebi cavier served with rabri and foam.


Chocolate mousse – Made out of 73% of belgium chocolate and decorated with gold leaf.


Ashes Kulfi – Grey colored kulfi served with ashes made up of nuts and dry fruits.


Levitating Chocolates – After all desserts was finished, chocolates balls was served. We ended up with some magic in the form of Levitating chocolate balls. Check video below.

Orange candy – At Last and but not the least we ended up with orange candies coated sugar syrup.


Each dish was served in unique style. Masala Library is all about experiencing something unique and out of the box things. Every foodie should visit this restaurant to experience the different flavors of Indian food.

Go experience it – Cheers!



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Author: Bhooka Saand

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