Muscle Pharma’s Creatine Black – Review

Price: Rs 1100/-

Servings: 30

Best time to have: 15-20 mins before workout

Muscle Pharma pre-workout drinkThe Muscle Pharma has come up with a new product called Creatine Black which is a pre-workout supplement. The flavoured bottle comes in two flavours – Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry. Anyone who is continuing with workouts can try the Creatine Black. Creatine Black is served as 1 scoop with 8 to 10 ounces of either water or preferred beverage

If you take Flavoured Creatine then be prepared for the amalgamation of flavours in case you mix with some fruit juices. It tastes good though. As far as side effects are concerned, then there is not much problem with the product. If Creatine does not suit anybody, then the person will face a little bloating or upsetting of the stomach. On the other hand, the product gives good results. One of our blogger Pujneet Singh tried this product and he is completely satisfied with it, it gave the push his body looking for, it seems his muscles were tight/pumped after the use of Creatine during workout. Muscle Pharma’s Creatine Black

Creatine Black is a sensation for a strong and muscular body. It enhances the muscle performance, strength, and ATP energy. Blood flow is increased by the Creatine. Consuming a good supplement helps in elevating the body’s condition.

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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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