National Highway 44 Restaurant, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – Review

The evening sky filled with the light of dusk, birds going back to their nests and you are on your way to dine with your family, or with friends to enjoy good food. One of the best places one can have food is NH44, in Rajouri Garden. It is so named because of its location, on the highway that connects Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Believe it or not, this restaurant has included most of the dishes that one is going to find on the way from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The exciting flavors of the starters give you the chance to opt for the most savory dishes. The starters at any eatery are the best source to know what kind of food they serve. The tasty dishes like Mutton Rogan Josh, chinchinati chicken and dal makhani in good quantity are the examples of the best food one can have here. Though all this is common, but the chefs prepare it with different styles and presentations are extremely tempting.

Food and Drinks not to miss here

  1. Paan Cocktail
  2. Maharaja Patiala Sword Kebab
  3. Non Veg Platter
  4. Vada Pau
  5. Mutton Rogan Josh
  6. Gil-E-Bahisht

The ambiance of the place itself gives a look where one would love to explore more of the dishes. The ambiance of any place has a good effect on the psyche of people. It reflects the state of the owners, how well they maintain the place. Good food has no substitute and what makes the food good, are not just the spices, but the heart that a chef puts into it. This restaurant makes sure that customers relish every single bite of whatever they order. Things that are relished once, do not lose the charm if they innovated. This is made sure in NH44.


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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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