Pizza Hut’s new stuffed crust pizzas


pizza hut stuffed crust pizza

The charisma of Pizza has spread far and wide in the whole world. Observing closely, it appears that it has united many cultures. Though some people of orthodox traditions may not include it in their cuisine as it is a taste of the West, but the next generation would move on taking along with it cuisine of all the continents.

pizza hut new pizzaThe top pizza serving food chain “Pizza hut” made its way into India in the year 1996, which is flourishing day and night. It is needless to say that the food chain in providing exemplary food stuff and serving its customers with such delight that no one wants to quit it any point of time.

To make it more happening, the Pizza hut has come out with a new form of Pizza, i.e, the stuffed crust pizza. The stuffed crust is a scrumptious dish. For the cheese lovers, this is not less than a heavenly feeling. As one takes a bite of the cheesy crust, the filling comes out smoothly, that one cannot resist having yet another pizza.

This delicacy is now available at Pizza Hut in three varieties-

  1. Veg Kebab
  2. Masala Chicken sausages
  3. Cheese max

The last option will bring water to your mouth the moment you read this (if you are a die hard cheese lover). Masala chicken sausages are the perfect refreshment for the chicken dish lovers. Whereas, the vegetarians have a good choice to make between Veg kebab and Cheese max.

There is no stop at this food chain; one can have other delicacies like garlic bread and pasta. Enjoy the warmth of veggies, cheese, and cottage cheese, chicken and grab more of the mouth-watering, savory dishes.

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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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