Shatabdi train Breakfast and Dinner review

The service boys walking quickly in the corridor, the little noise of cutlery goes on, the smell of the food flowing in the coach and yummy food is right in front of you. The food here being talked about is the breakfast and dinner which is being served in the Shatabdi express. The taste buds will get all the more new taste and that too in the running express train. The train running from Delhi to Dehradun starts at 6:45 am and reaches Dehradun at 12:45 pm.

Delhi to Dehradun Shatabdi Train Breakfast

Shatabdi Train Dinner BreakfastGood morning and you are here in the train, being welcomed with lemon water. yes, of course, the mineral water bottles are provided. After a while, passengers would be served tea with two pieces of Marie light biscuits. It takes the service boys time to serve people as tea is served very systematically, which can be called sort of tea ceremony of the Shatabdi express. A hot water kettle, a tea bag, sugar pack and milk powder pack, all are kept nicely in each tray of each passenger.

In the breakfast, passengers are served with two bread slices, a small pack of butter and a small pack of jam, potato fingers, a small pack of tomato sauce, salt and pepper packs. The nutritious bite of the morning is fulfilled with an omelet for the non-vegetarians, while two aloo tikkis for the vegetarians. Some pea is also added to the breakfast, which gives a tacky and crispy taste. It is light also, so good for health. food in shatabdi train

Dehradun to Delhi Shatabdi Train Evening Snacks and Dinner

From Dehradun to Delhi, the train starts in the evening. A beautiful evening arrives, knocking at the window pane of the seat, and you would be served with lemon water. After an enjoyable day on the train, what would be more comfortable than to have dinner? But before that, passengers are served little snacks with tea. It is samosa or hot aloo patties, veg sandwich, and small namkeen packet. After Saharanpur has been crossed, dinner is ready to be served. Hot and tasty tomato soup is served with bread sticks, just before the dinner.

shatabdi train soupPassengers would be served two paranthas, with safed chole and Rajma sabzi, dahi. For the non-vegetarian lovers, it would be chicken gravy, while for the vegetarians, paneer sabzi would be served. Though, a little disappointment appears on the faces of passengers, as the quality of the dinner is little low. The chicken is not chewable, even paranthas are difficult to chew. The gravy of chicken is not really appreciable. Same is the case with Paneer sabzi.Dinner in Shatabdi train

Dessert needs no introduction. All we need to do is open our mouths and gulp the tastiest vanilla ice-cream. Though, suggestions are made not to keep ice cream in the winters.

Have fun in the Shatabdi express, enjoy the ride and wait for the breakfast. It is tasty and better than the dinner.

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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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