Smaaash Sky Karting Pitstop Restaurant and Brew Pub – Review

The best time to spend with friends and family is not to be found in years. It is right here, right now. The Smaaash is located near Huda City center Metro station. This restaurant is a unique eatery, having Sky Karting sport at the upstairs and Pitstop restaurant and the brew pub on the ground floor. Sky Karting is a thrill-filled sport. While some people enjoy the sport of vigour, others might enjoy the tastiest meals at the Pitstop, with the relishing drinks at the brew pub. The Sky Karting, a wonderful racing sport and here at Smaash, it involves the safest technology, with electric Go-Karts.

Along with the wonders of the sport, the track of food is no less at the Pitstop restaurant. The restaurant and brew pub has been arranged with both indoor and outdoor sitting facilities. The amazing bar counter is all set to serve chilling drinks including all mock tails and cocktails, shakes, beers and imported drinks. The DJ adds to the spark of the enjoyable environment. The yummy food to be tasted includes dishes like beer battered fish and chips, tempura stuffed mushroom thyme basil, crispy orient chicken basket and Rogan josh among the main course.

Drinks are served in great variety and are mostly mock tails and cocktails which are served with unique styles and flavors. The desserts are delicious with complete surprising taste. The desserts include dishes like the rush sundae, Gooey chocolate brownie, red velvet cake, etc.

Celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar has visited this place and enjoyed both the food and the sport. The Pitstop is also ideal for party hosting, having the capacity to serve 200 guests. The lovely ambiance and energetic sport, delicious food and drinks giving relaxation, all sum up in one place to make the days and evenings the unforgettable.



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Author: Sheela Joby & Bhooka Saand

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